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Therapeutic coaching and counseling for new moms who are pregnant or in their first year postpartum. Specialized. Creative. Nonjudgemental. Trauma-informed.

Online, phone, and in-person sessions.

Embark on your greatest journey with confidence and joy.

Are you struggling with



Body image?

Mood regulation?

Family dynamics?



I can work with you on all of these things,
and I can connect you to other specialized resources to get you the support team that you need to be
the resilient powerhouse you truly are.

Motherhood can transform you into your most radiant self


Curate the many pieces of your motherhood lifestyle.

Cultivate health, balance, and beauty in your new identity as a mom.

Create the relationship with your baby and your body you've always dreamed of,

               and learn how to ride the waves like a MOTHER when it all doesn't go according to plan.



Motherhood is a magical, messy, heartbreaking, heartmaking process that reconfigures everything about you:

your body, mind, spirit, home, bank account...the list goes on and on.

The difference between being a mom who is surviving

and a mom who is thriving is, almost always, SUPPORT.

I am a firm believer that mothers have an enormous well of instinct inside of them

that can serve as a wonderful guide. 

If mothers have a supportive environment, the rest will fall into place with ease and joy to spare.

Grounded Sprout


You are the ground. Your baby is the sprout.

She springs from you. 


If the ground is depleted, plants in it will not grow to their fullest potential.

Your baby needs you to embark on

the journey of accepting and loving yourself

so that he can learn to accept and love himself too.

The health of the mother is fundamental

to the health of the baby.


Do it for yourself. Do it for your little one.



Depending on what you are experiencing, I can work with you as a coach or a counselor. Both are transformational, personalized, and work on an intimate mental and emotional level. Both can feel relieving and challenging simultaneously. However, there are some key differences between the two.


In coaching, we focus on day-to-day struggles and problem solving

for a brighter tomorrow. As a coach, I zero in on here-and-now issues, goals, and help you develop new skills as a mom.

In counseling, we take a deeper and wider view on core parts of you as a human being. I carefully explore with you how your early childhood development is impacting your current struggles. 

In counseling, healing is the underlying goal.


Becoming a counselor requires a higher level of education, training, and certification compared to a coach.

Sometimes in a counseling relationship, the counselor will function as a coach, but in a coaching relationship,

the coach cannot ethically function as a counselor.

Whether I am working as a coach or a counselor, I listen to you with an open heart, reflect your brilliance back to you,

and challenge the parts that are limiting you.


We will collaboratively complete an intake in the first session and assess what level of service will best suit this stage of your journey.

  • Curating your birth team and working through your dreams and fears related to your birth plan

  • Examining your daily routine and making adjustments so it can be more efficient, restful, and joyful for you and your baby

  • Problem-solving a part of your day that is particularly difficult for you and your baby

  • Shopping for your postpartum wardrobe (Yes, really! A trip to the dressing room postpartum is often riddled with roadblocks to radiating your mommy magic.)

Examples of coaching

  • Exploring your relationship with your primary attachment figure in a healthy, conscious way as your baby forms her own attachment to you

  • Processing trauma that you experienced in your childhood, adulthood, or during the birth of your baby

  • Regulating energy imbalances like anxiety and depression that cause you to feel not like yourself

  • Reframing feelings of resentment toward your baby or partner

Examples of counseling

What will I gain from sessions?

Babies who feel understood on a deep, nonverbal level tend to be more quickly soothed, sleep better, and learn more easily.


Mothers who feel that someone is there for them, trusts them, believes in them, and listens to them with an open heart tend to have better birth outcomes, recover in postpartum more quickly, and look back on the postpartum year as a happy, rich, and vibrant time


It is my goal that by the end of our work together you feel inspired, refreshed, and enriched with tools, techniques, and practices to be a mommy-baby dream team!

Learn to stand confidently in the face of fear and confusion

Balance your weaknesses with your strengths and find greater peace in your life as a new mom.

Connect to your innate mother wisdom. You know on a nonverbal level what is right for you and your baby. I help you quiet the "shoulds" coming at you from all directions. Learn to listen to your body, relax, and find the best options for you and your baby.


Skillfully and gracefully balance your responsibilities to family members, work and finances, and home environment.

I can connect you to resources in your community that are supportive to you, and I can assist you in finding the best ways to communicate with others about your choices, boundaries, and needs during this busy and beautiful time.


Amanda Moran

MA, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist,

Certified Infant Massage Instructor


A beautiful beginning for mother and baby, the vital duet, builds the foundation for a beautiful world. 

Education and training

I received my MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University with a dual concentration in Dance/Movement Therapy and Body Psychotherapy. I am registered with the state of Colorado as a psychotherapist. I am certified to teach parents and caregivers infant massage through the International Loving Touch Foundation. I have training in Movement Fundamentals, nonverbal communication, practices of embodiment, and meditation.

Therapeutic style

I am conscientious, flexible, playful, and caring in my work. I deeply respect all family constellations, perspectives, and sociocultural identities. I believe that mother and baby are a quintessential duo. Whether your baby is in your belly or in your arms, the two of you are constantly communicating with each other. I facilitate your nonverbal conversation with respect and empathy so that you can experience less stress and more connection.

Passions and pleasures

I love spending time with my amazing husband and wonderful baby daughter, traveling, writing, spending time in nature, laughing, performing, watching films, drinking cappuccinos, and shopping.

Get ready to change in ways you didn’t know you could. But you’re already used to that— you're a mom after all!


I love this work, and I am very excited to connect with you.



Boulder, CO, USA

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